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幸运飞艇首尾相加规律:What kind of treasure is this Buddhist company's fund company?

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内容摘要: As a love experience tool, Xiao Bai, while trying out the choice data terminal ofOriental Fortune , accidentally discovered afund company o...

As a love experience tool, Xiao Bai, while trying out the choice data terminal of Oriental Fortune , accidentally discovered a fund company of the "Buddhist system" .

The beginning of the story was as follows: A fund company that specializes in stock picking is convenient for selecting products from stocks. I'm going to use the ratio of stock differential income and net income as a reference to remove companies whose net income is less than 100 million (which is not as good as a small company) and get the following data:


Source : Eastern Fortune Choice, deadline for the end of 2017

It now appears that this list is too rough (such as not considering the proportion of fund companies of various types of funds), but it does filter out some of the good work done in the past year s company. In this list, the Evergreen Fund, whose name is unique, attracted my attention. The fund company whose name is "Buddhist" is more in tune with the Buddha Department. They seemed to be doing well last year, but why haven't they heard of it?

After reviewing the data, it was found that Yuanxin Yongfeng Fund was established in 2014. It was established by a joint venture between Yongfeng Investment Trust and Xiamen International Trust Company. It is the first company in Xiamen and one of the few fund companies in Taiwan with a background in Taiwan.

Like most fund companies, Yuanxin Yongfeng, although registered in Xiamen, is still located in Shanghai, the financial center of China. As a newly-established fund company, Yuanxin Yongfeng currently has 8 fund managers and 21 fund products. The total assets under management is 24.56 billion yuan. One manager manages less than 3 funds on average, and it has become more and more popular in China. The public fund community can also be considered as a clear flow.

Further excavation, we found that the fund manager's average length of service of the fund company was only one year less than one month. All products were jointly managed by a number of fund managers. How did the newcomers of the public fund industry achieve record?


circular letter to all Yongfeng fund sold more than 1 year product list, Source: Fund net

can be found every day, the company issued more than 1 year fund all achieved a positive return, which stock and hybrid partial shares The one-year returns of the fund are all in the excellent level of the first 6 in the same category. The situation of the bond fund and the partial debt hybrid fund was mixed.

Everest's highest-yielding equity and partial stock hybrid funds are managed by the torrent and Fan Yan. The torrent is the chief investment officer of Yuanxin Yongfeng, and the qualification is older. Fan Yu is the equity investment department. Directors are relatively young. Although they are novices in the public fund industry, they all have rich experience in securities companies.

Funds managed by the same fund managers are generally similar except for their names. Take the example of the longest-established Yuanxin Yongfeng Double-Dividend as an example, look at the investment style of this fund.


The top ten stocks of Yuanxin Yongfeng Double-Dividend are dominated by large value-for-money and balanced stocks. Funds that have achieved good returns in the past two years are mostly similar in style. In addition to the higher concentration of holdings, the average number of years of positions held by Yuanxin Yongfeng, the stock price-to-earnings ratio, the market-book ratio, etc., are all on the comparative average golden position.


Since the conversion of the market style, Yuanxin Yongfeng Double-Red has not performed well since this year, but from the perspective of the long-term performance of one year, two years and three years, this fund is in the forefront of the industry, and the three-year increase is ranked 823 The 13th place in the fund.


Yuanxin Yongfeng Shuanghongli has better control over risks. Apart from the large retracement during the stock market crisis in 2015, the net value in other periods has been steadily increasing and the retracement has been relatively small. Although most of the time has not risen much, However, it did not fall too much.


Such a smooth performance has also made this fund attractive to institutional investors.

In general, Evermore's equity and partial stock hybrid funds, like the company's name, show a disgraceful and steadily moving "buddhist" attitude and should be more suitable for the steady growth of wealth. High-pitched investors with long-term preferences. Investors in the “buddhist” system of life who are pursuing wealth growth can properly pay attention to this niche fund company.

There are risks in investing and there are skills in raising foundations. I am a rainbow foundation.





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